Speaker Spotlight: Ben Howard

Ben Howard has been building websites longer than most people have surfed the Internet. He was working with business websites back in 1995, and was one of the tester/developers for the original edition of Adobe Flash. He has worked with many WordPress sites over the years, even building custom plug-ins and themes. He has taught Internet Development at UHMaui for more than fifteen years, and has spent the last seventeen years building a reputation as an experienced teacher and programmer on Maui. He would much rather be painting and sculpting, but its easier to make a living with code.

Company: Q and A, Inc

Company Site: http://www.q-a.net

What do I love about WordPress? Being able to build a sophisticated and feature-rich website, then turning it over to non-programmers to maintain, thus allowing me to move on to building the next site!

Talk Title: Sell Your Stuff with WordPress

Talk Summary: Getting online is the first part, and getting money is the best part! Whether you are selling a few hand-made products, or want to become a retail giant, WordPress has features and plug-ins to get your merchandise out to the world.