Speaker Spotlight: Chris Norberg

Project Manager of Maui’s own Hawaii Web Group (@maui), Chris has admittedly been riding the internet roller coaster with some success and much failure.  Providing exposure for Hawaii businesses to visitors before arriving on island, Hawaii Web Group builds and promotes their own high-traffic websites and concentrates on community development and social media engagement.  Largely due to viral posts, last year their sites reached over 1 million users and enjoyed over 156 million impressions socially.

Company: Hawaii Web Group

Website: http://www.hawaiiwebgroup.com/

Talk Title: Viral Blogging Tactics and Outreach

Talk Summary: Having a blog post pick up the kind of speed only viral sharing can produce is something most bloggers dream of.  And though there are no magic bullets, steps can be made to ensure the largest audience finds your post and are encouraged to share it.  Chris will share his company’s personal successes and failures from years of low-budget web marketing, along with their experiences with SEO, social media, and crafting content which drives converting traffic.

WordPress Love:  I’ve spent years fighting the urge to use WordPress (after having been hacked in early years), and I’m now a disciple.  I love the ability to grab plugins/themes and use an existing community of great minds and products.