Speaker Spotlight: Tammie Lister

I am a theme wrangler at Automattic. This means I am lucky enough to spend my days arm deep in themes. I get to not only work on WordPress.com with themes, but also as part of the theme review team for WordPress.org. When I’m not themeing, I like to spend time with my husband and two dogs around the beach we live by. I like to balance the time spent online with offline crafts, yoga and photography.

Company work for:  Automattic

Website:  www.diaryofawebsite.com

Talk title:  Theme don’t be my everything

Talk summary:  It’s time to stop putting everything including the kitchen sink into themes. A theme shouldn’t be a bloated monster with an options panel that stretches out the horizon. This talk is a call to action, to stop making themes that do everything and start making themes that focus. Themes that are designed to meet a need, to fit a market. Themes that work out of the box and don’t require a manual you could use to hold up a table that’s missing a leg. Themes that don’t be my everything.

What do I love most about WordPress? I love most the community. The way we make each other feel welcomed and part of the WordPress tribe. The way we help each other and as a whole don’t judge but accept. The way we encourage new people and let them flourish in the community. The way we give anyone a chance to contribute and become part of the community. The way we are our own worst critiques and look at how we can improve our community to be the best we can.