Speaker Spotlight: Travis Totz

Part designer, part aspiring astronaut reaching for the cosmos, part business owner at Westwerk. Travis is all about connections – with travel, with people and with design. What started out as a combination of all three – a trip to Hawaii, some good friends and brilliant design – has since become a thriving WordPress business known as Westwerk. Most recently, Travis led the acquisition of WordPress theme creative house, Press75 and now heads Westwerk’s product division of the same name.

Company:  Westwerk and Press75

Website:  http://westwerk.com/

Talk Title:  Working Off Grid and Remote

Talk Summary:  The world is full of amazing things, and if you’re like me you would like to see as much of this beautiful planet as possible. The existence of the Internet has made working off grid a real possibility for people. During my talk I will discuss my experience running a WordPress business while being “off-grid”, the types of products that make this lifestyle a possibility, and the challenges that come along with it.

What do you love most about WordPress? The community and the connections. A thriving eco-system has helped to grow our business and without the amazing people, pushing the boundaries of WordPress and open-source software, many of us would not have the opportunities we have today. So thank you all!