Speaking Spotlight: Kirk Wight

COMPANY: Automattic, Inc.

WEBSITE: kwight.ca

TALK TITLE: A Call for Simplicity

TALK SUMMARY: We all acknowledge the power and beauty of simplicity. Whether in art, technology, music, fashion, or software development, simplicity is the undisputed mark of quality craft. As WordPress blazes into its second decade, theming, plugin development, and WordPress core itself are reaching troublesome levels of complexity and confusion, challenging the very essence of what has gotten WordPress to where it is in the first place. Pulling from diverse areas of culture and tech, we’ll tie together our need for simplicity, and issue a call to arms for the next ten years of WordPress.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT WORDPRESS? WordPress is Open-Source, and therefore available to anyone to use, share, and modify however they so please. Powerful stuff.