Sponsor Spotlight: Edible Hawaiian Islands

Let’s talk about food. Man (or woman) can’t live on WordPress alone. Sharing sustenance is also the perfect time to “talk story”: a local term meaning to verbally share stories with visitors, friends and ‘ohana (family).

As WordCamp is all about sharing and getting to know each other, we are pleased to introduce Nene sponsor, edible Hawaiian Islands, a publication whose mission is to talk story about locally sourced food. edible Hawaiian Islands shares the stories of people who grow, farm, ranch, fish and cook our food. Their stories inspire us through stunning photography, beautiful art and well-written words.

We extend a warm mahalo to edible Hawaiian Islands. We look forward to sharing a table with you at WordCamp in February.

4 thoughts on “Sponsor Spotlight: Edible Hawaiian Islands

  1. I’m looking forward to meeting the folks from Edible Hawaiian Islands, I do work for some of the other Edible Communities Magazines including Edible Grande Traverse and Edible Chicago.

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